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: Psalms 18:28  (Living Bible)  "You have turned on my light!  The Lord my God has made my darkness turn to light."

Seasons of darkness come into all of our lives at some point.  It may come through grief, disappointment, lack of direction, or any number of other situations.  We have all had times when itseemed like we were under a cloud or walking in darkness.  We just slowly grope around with no sense of direction, not knowing whether to go to the left or to the right.  We stretch forth our spiritual arms hoping to feel for something that is familiar, but we end up stumbling over things and often injure ourselves in the process.  These times are frustrating and fearful in the natural as well as in our spiritual life, especially if we find ourselves in a new place where everything is unfamiliar.

David was facing a dark season just like this, but God turned David's darkness into light.  God came into his darkness and simply turned the light on.  The Lord showed David the way out of the situation, delivered him from his enemies, and gave him victory.  Your circumstances are no greater than David's.  Just as God rescued David, He is able to intervene in the midst of your situation, turn His light on, and give you direction.  God is your deliverance and your light, and His light has a way of driving out all darkness.  Like natural light, His light provides comfort and shows clear direction.


Darkness does not have the ability to overcome or put out the light.  Light is very powerful.  The difference that one small light or candle can make in a room full of darkness is amazing.  One small and seemingly insignificant light, like a flashlight or match, can be the means that will help you get to the main power source that can produce more light for your situation.  In your darkest hour, you may only see a small glimmer of light.  Perhaps that light is a scripture, a song, a message, or a friend with a good word.  It may not seem like much at first, but if you will receive it, that small light will get you to the main power supply.  As you reach towards God, He will turn the light on in your situation and drive out all of the darkness and confusion that is in your life. +++

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