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:  Romans 8:28  "We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose."

If you love God and are living for His purposes, then everything that is happening in your life is working together for your good.  You may not understand exactly what is happening, but you can be sure that God's Word is true and that it is all going to turn out for the best because He is in control.  You can trust God to honor and fulfill this simple word, "all things - work together - for good."  All things are not good, but they are working together for good.  As you come to put your faith in this revelation, peace will come into your heart.  You will realize that everything that affects you also affects God.  This knowledge will enhance your faith in the desperate days that you experience.

God has a hidden purpose in the things that happen to you.  Just like the life of Joseph, God took every negative situation and used it to bring about His ultimate purpose.  God used the evil circumstances to change and mold the character of Joseph until he became the vessel that God could use and trust.  God repaid Joseph for all the lost years with an abundance of wealth and honor.  Joseph's ultimate destiny proved that the journey of hardships that he endured was worth every moment.  All things did work together for good in Joseph's life because he did love God and was called according to God's purposes.

God has good thoughts towards your life.  You must cease meddling with the Master's plan and trust God.  You must lean upon Him rather than upon your own understanding.  God's work with your life is like a tapestry.  Underneath, the threads have no pattern, but topside, they make a beautiful picture.  God causes the dark threads of your life that you do not understand to work together with the other colors to form the picture that He wants to reveal to the world.  You are God's masterpiece.  When 
Godís picture is finished, you will find that all things truly worked together in your life for good and were needed in order to fulfill His purpose. +++

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