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Scripture:  Psalms 103:2  "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits."


Man is a three part being.  He lives in a body, which houses his soul and spirit.  His body is his sense-consciousness, meaning the body uses the five senses and relates to the material world.  The body's function is to see, hear, taste, feel, and smell.  The soul of man is the self-consciousness of his being and is comprised of the mind, will, intellect, and emotions.  The soul's function is to think, make choices, and express feelings.  The soul links the body to the spirit.  The spirit of man is the highest part by which we have God-consciousness and is the part of man that is able to comprehend God, commune with God, and worship Him.  Andrew Murray said, "God dwells in the spirit; self dwells in the soul; and sense dwells in the body."

In this Psalm, David speaks to his soul or that part of his being that links his body with his spirit.  He tells his mind, will, intellect, and emotions to remember God and all of His benefits.  In so doing, he encourages himself in the spiritual realm.  We find David doing this throughout the scriptures.  When he found himself in discouraging places in the natural, he would speak to his soul until he was renewed in his spirit.  In this particular psalm, David listed some of the benefits of God and told his soul to remember them and bless God for them.  I encourage you to meditate on these benefits and SPEAK THEM ALOUD to your own soul.  As you do, you will find that your spirit will be renewed and your faith will begin to rise as you hear your mouth speaking God's Word.  (Psalms 103 - Paraphrased for clearer understanding.)

  1)  God forgives all my sins - vs. 3
  2)  God heals all my diseases - vs. 3
  3)  God redeems my life from destruction - vs. 4
  4)  God crowns me with loving kindness - vs. 4
  5)  God crowns me with tender mercies - vs. 4
  6)  God satisfies me with good things - vs. 5
  7)  God renews my youth as the eagle - vs. 5
  8)  God judges me righteously when I am oppressed
        by the enemy - vs. 6
  9)  God will show His ways to me - vs. 7
10)  God will show His acts to me - vs. 7
11)  God is gracious to me - vs. 8
12)  God is patient and slow to anger with me - vs. 8
13)  God has plenty of mercy towards me - vs. 8
14)  God reproves me temporarily - vs. 9
15)  God's anger passes and He does not stay mad at me - vs. 9
16)  God does not punish me according to what I deserve - vs.10
17)  God removes my sins as far as the east is from the west - vs. 12
18)  God pities me like a father 
pities his child because I fear Him - vs. 13
19)  God remembers that I am only human - vs. 14
20)  God has numbered my days on this earth and He causes me
        to flourish as a flower - vs. 15
21)  God has eternal mercy towards me because I fear Him - vs. 17
22)  God shows righteousness to my children and grandchildren - vs. 17
23)  God shows His righteousness to me because I obey His
        commandments - vs. 18
24)  God's throne is in the heaven and He is in control - vs. 19
25)  God's kingdom rules over me on this earth - vs. 19
26)  God's angels excel in strength and hearken to His Word to
        minister to me - vs. 20-21 +++

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